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With over 25 years of experience, Shradha Mats has securely hung on to tradition, talented artisans, and evolved into a modern company that caters to the lifestyle of new India, while remaining faithful to its heritage.

Through the years, we have been providing high-quality indoor and outdoor mats to the world market, and have a huge selection of cutting-edge traditional and modern designs.

Our network of exclusive knit vendors across all of India enables us to consistently provide mats of the best calibre at competitive prices. You can always count on our dedicated team of polymer processing specialists to assist you in finding the best mats.

Shradha Mats is a mat supplier based in Jalgaon (Maharashtra, IN). We are best suited to provide mats to customers in India & more than 20 countries in the world.

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25+ Years of Experience - Shradha Mats
25+ Years of Experience
Our 25 year-long journey in the mat industry has given us deep insights into market trends and customer psyche. Our varied experience has acquainted us with the needs of domestic and international customers.
Designed to Delight - Shradha Mats
Designed to
Innovation and creativity are our focus points. A balanced blend of creativity and functionality makes our mats attractive as well as easy to carry and clean.
Clean & Green Manufacturing - Shradha Mats
Clean & Green Manufacturing
We have a world-class infrastructure with state-of-the-art machinery. We believe in harnessing the best-in-class global technology for our progress.
Quality is Our Policy - Shradha Mats
Quality is Our Policy
Quality has always been our backbone. We ensure stringent quality measures at every stage of production. No compromise quality is our motto. That's precisely why we are exclusively different from our competitors.
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Washable - Shradha Mats
Our mats are washable, so they are always clean, sanitary and sparkling. They are simple to maintain and keep clean.
Affordable - Shradha Mats
Our mats are extremely affordable. They are easily accessible and have a longer lifespan, providing a double benefit.
Easy to use - Shradha Mats
Easy to use
Plastic mats are very user-friendly, lightweight, and portable, and can be easily carried around. Mats come in a variety of appealing designs.
Customizable - Shradha Mats
You can customize your designs according to your space, style, preferences and application.
Vibrant - Shradha Mats
Mats are available in vibrant colours and add a dash of brightness and beauty to your space.
Durable - Shradha Mats
Durability of mats is an important trait that our mats exhibit and customers choose us for.
Sustainability - Shradha Mats
It’s not about doing less harm
It’s about doing
more good

We are conscious that everything that’s manufactured has an impact on our planet, that’s why sustainability is at the heart of all our actions. We have adopted several environmentally conscious manufacturing practices, state-of-the-art machinery and the latest technology, to create the finest quality product, while leaving a positive impact on our environment.

World Class Infrastructure

We have a smart and sustainably designed infrastructure of lush green areas.

Environment Sensitive

We are sensitive about the environment and thus we tend to reduce or eliminate the processes that harm our environment.

Eco-friendly operations

We are engaged in operations that cause less or no harm to the environment.

Solar powered

We use green energy produced by the solar panel set on the rooftop.