Traditions are meant to be preserved and propagated. But that doesn’t mean one has to resist the advance of modernity. When you can tastefully blend the best of the old and the new, the result is sophistication and class tempered with customer delight.

There’s over 25 years of customer delight woven into every Shradha mat. A modern-outlook brand that has zealously nurtured the time-tested skills of traditional artisans, while catering to evolving tastes. Generational talent lensed through modern machinery to create captivating designs for the contemporary household.

Shradha boasts a network of dedicated knit vendors right across the country that enables it to curate mats that are of the best caliber, yet with competitive price tags. In the forefront, polymer processing specialists will assist you in selecting the perfect mat and design to suit your specific needs.

Shradha Mats is based in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India, but the world is its stage – its mats have reached customers across the country, and beyond… in over 20 countries.

An Eventful Evolution


The first step of an
eventful journey
began with a small
factory with just 12


In five years, brand Shradha had gained recognition and growth, necessitating the opening of a second unit, with an additional capacity of 36 looms.


Approaching its second decade, Shradha was now a name on the national stage. A wide dealer network to cater to growing demand was established – with dealers in every state across the country.


The country conquered, it was time to venture beyond boundaries and into the wide world. Shradha turned to exports, serving notice of its global intentions.


Having attained critical mass and growing across both domestic and global markets, Shradha Mats commissioned its new state-of-the-art EOU, to boost capacity to nearly 100,000 mats a month.