Choosing the Best Plastic Floor Mat for Your Living Room

Choosing the Best Plastic Floor Mat for Your Living Room - Shradha Mats

Even if you’ve done it a thousand times, choosing the best plastic floor mat for your living room can be a little tricky. We all aspire to design our living rooms as stylishly as we can. Our home, and especially our living room, is an extension of our personality. And that makes the challenge even more daunting!

If you have been through this challenge before, you know that choosing the right chatai is more than just picking a colour, shape, size or pattern. There are intangible factors that influence our decision. Yet, there may be a method to it all.

So how do you choose the perfect plastic floor mat for your living room? Maybe this will help…

What mood do you want to convey?

Every person is unique. We all have different tastes and, all things considered, no two people will even have the exact same personality. When we are so different from each other, why shouldn't our living room express itself uniquely?

It is important to know what vibe you want your living room to pulsate with. Do you want it bubbly or traditional, stylish or decorative, contemporary or professional – or anything in between. There are a million moods and inclinations. And only you will recognise your own. In your search for the perfect mat, this is your starting point. Choose wisely.

Consider the dimensions of your living room

If you thought plastic mats were of a standard shape and size, think again! They aren’t all rectangular and 6x3 as most of us would imagine. So, first consider the dimensions of your living room. Then decide where exactly you’re going to place the mat. Picture it in your mind’s eye – better still, create a rough sketch.

After measuring your living room and the available open floor space, choose the right mat dimension. You don’t want something too small that gets overwhelmed or trivialised by the rest of the room’s furniture and effects. Nor do you want a mat so large, it takes up all the available space and sticks out like an eyesore.

Shradha Mats offers a thoughtful range of dimensions – 6x3, 6x4, 6x6, 7x5 and 9x6. You can check out the dimensions, patterns and colors here.

Define the purpose of the mat

The correlation between room and furniture is rather interesting. Sometimes the furniture defines the tone of the room; sometimes the room decides the essence of the furniture and decor. That is why it is of utmost importance to clearly define the purpose of your mat. Which effectively means defining how you want to use your living room.

In India, we love to have guests over. Amongst other things, it’s a chance to flaunt our style and status. Or it could just be a situational thing – like discussing business. The beauty of having something non-permanent like a floor mat, is that you can change it as per the need or mood. Floor mats aren’t expensive like other pieces of furniture – nor permanent! It makes eminent sense to keep a small collection handy and choose from those as per the occasion.

A Striped mat would suit a business interaction. Entertaining friends or family? Go with Chequered or Honeycomb. Lots of children around? Polka Dots is the way to go!

Shradha Mats offers an entire range of patterns, designs and colours to suit every inclination and occasion. You can conveniently browse, decide and order without even leaving home – This is where to visit online

As you can see, there’s no rocket science to picking the right plastic floor mat. A little bit of thought – a mix of personal inclinations, creativity and logical or practical contemplation will gradually reveal the perfect mat – or mats – for your living room. Enjoy the process – and the result thereafter. With Shradha Mats you can never go wrong.