Plastic Chatai Mats as gift ideas

Plastic Chatai Mats as gift ideas - Shradha Mats

A Thoughtful Gift Idea

For some people, choosing a gift for a loved one is a breeze. But most of the rest of us struggle with this task. A million doubts cross our minds. Will the gift be considered too cheap? Or will it seem too expensive and showy? Will they like it? Most of all, will it suit their personality?

So many questions… one, single answer: Shradha Mats!

Floor Mats or Chatais are very thoughtful gifts. They have utility value and are fast catching on as something that’s fashionably nostalgic. About suiting the recipient’s personality… don’t worry! Shradha has something for every personality type.

For the forever young

Some people just refuse to grow up – and happily so! They never let go of the child in them, and go through adult life in permanent fun mode – playful, bubbly, exuberant.

Shradha’s Polka Dots range is made just for them. Them, as well as those who have young children. These beautifully crafted chatais harmonise delightfully in kids’ rooms, in the living room or even in offices. There’s just one requirement: Young in body or in mind!

For the forever searching

There’s something spiritual about nature lovers. It’s more than just a love for all things natural. Rather, they seek divinity in all that is pure and natural. Their journey is about knowledge and wisdom, and they will never rest until they have found what they’re looking for. Which effectively makes their quest an eternal one.

For these children of the cosmos, nothing like a chatai that is symbolic of their very soul: The Honeycomb Mat! Inspired by the beehive, which is the paradigm of flawless structure and design. Shradha’s Honeycomb series comes in five sizes and ten colours. But they all make that perfect connection with the eternal seeker.

For the forever business-like

A gift for someone that’s always business-minded or someone with a logical, clear-cut approach to life needn’t always be about business. Rather, a gift that can fluidly combine the personal with the professional will be most appreciated.

Shradha’s Stripes Mats complement this personality type perfectly. They have utility, and their pattern and colours stand out without being loud or flippant. They sit well in work spaces and home floors alike. Your business-minded loved one or associate is sure to appreciate it.

Did we just resolve your long-standing gifting dilemma? Oh yes, just the one other thing: Where do you purchase these? Right where you are at the moment. Shradha’s entire range is just a few clicks away – on Amazon and Flipkart. Happy browsing! Happy gifting!!