How Colours And Designs Of Mats Enhance Home Décor - Shradha Mats

It is often said that first impressions matter. Whenever someone visits our home, the first thing they observe is the appearance and decor.

When it comes to home décor, apart from colours and designs, the detailing of shades help to create a vibe for your home. For example, in an office space, the colours which give energetic vibes (like red, orange and yellow) are preferred for décor. Even if you pick up other elements like vases, paintings, wall clocks, etc. for your home, the right colours and designs help to set the right tone for your home.

Colours and designs form an important part of our life in all aspects. Let’s start with a very simple question: Whenever you buy something, let’s say – a T shirt or a pair of jeans or trousers, what do you focus on first?

That’s right!! It’s COLOURS & DESIGNS.

Can you imagine life without colours?

Colours are not just a way to brighten your world but they also depict emotional value and reasoning. Colours influence us on different levels and play a vital role in our lives. The colours you surround yourself with can influence your perspective and emotions.

Shradha Mats, a 25-year-old mat supplier company based in Jalgaon has been serving more than 20 countries with their wide range of indoor and outdoor mats. These mats are available in more than 5000+ traditional and modern designs and are sold to customers all over India. Their network of exclusive net vendors across all over India helps them to provide best quality of mats at competitive prices.

The colours used in Shradha Mats are vibrant, adding beauty and a luxurious feel to your home. You can choose from a wide range of colours available for every type of home, be it blue, coffee, orange, lilac etc. Keep in mind the décor of your home and choose the colour which complements your home.

Now, come let’s meet up with colour’s best friend – Design!

Shradha Mats combines beautiful colours with vibrant designs.

Shradha Mats has a variety of designs, perfect for every occasion and every home:

1. Royal Carpet: These mats have curvilinear designs and they have a rich & deep meaning historically. If you want to give your home a royal touch & feel, these mats are perfect for you.

2. Stripes: The mats have a modern stripe design available in different vibrant colours. Stripes convey a clear-cut, no-nonsense approach to life. It is also said that the person drawn towards stripes has a strong sense of self-worth.

3.Checkered Mats: The mats have a checkered design available in a variety of colours. Checkered mats are considered to convey the sense of strategy & logic.

4. Honeycomb Mats: The mats have honeycomb designs available in different vibrant colours. The honeycomb mats reflect spiritualism & search.

5. Polka Dot Mats: The mats have polka dot design available in different colours. Polka dots give a sense of fun and playfulness.

So go ahead and pick your favourite colours and designs from the wide range of Shradha Mats and enhance the beauty of your home-sweet-home!