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Mats play a very important part in home decor. Before chairs and sofas came into existence, mats were commonly used as a seating arrangement. Mats have been an important part of our culture since decades. Nowadays, mats have a modern touch. Today, even if people have a sofa or chair, they still prefer the comfort and style of the mats. Not only do they look great, they act as an additional seating arrangement in the home.

Shradha Mats, a 25-year-old mat supplier company based in Jalgaon has been serving more than 20 countries with their wide range of indoor and outdoor mats. These mats are available in more than 5000+ traditional and modern designs and are sold to customers all over India. Their network of exclusive net vendors across all over India helps them to provide best quality of mats at competitive prices.

Shradha Mats has a range of mats for all uses and needs:

1. Yoga Mats: Yoga Mats are much-in-demand in these fitness and health-obsessed times. Have you experienced that due to sweat, your yoga mat becomes slippery and you slip while doing exercises? Shradha Mats have a wide collection of yoga mats with an anti-slip feature which does not let you slip while exercising. They are also lightweight and washable. Perfect for yoga and exercise lovers!

2. Carpet Mats: Carpet Mats give a touch of class & sophistication to any living space. They give an additional touch of beauty, luxury and style to your home. These mats are highly versatile and they can blend easily with any type of décor.

3. Travel Mats: Travel mats becomes an important accessory for every journey – be it a trip to the beach or a trip to the hills. These mats are foldable and are easy to carry. Just place the mat on the floor and sit easily without the fear of getting your clothes soiled. Perfect for picnics and outdoor activities.

4. Designer Mats: These mats are designed for homes that want to exude that stylish look. These mats immediately elevate the look of the home giving it a sophisticated feel. The mats are available in more than 5000+ designs for every choice of home décor.

5. Prayer Mats: It is often said ‘god is in the details.’ Shradha Mats takes pride in its detail-oriented technique that gives the mats a classy look. Our prayer mats are perfect for your personal time with god.

6. Bedside Runners: Shradha Mats can also be used as bedside runners. They give your bedroom an additional touch of beauty and comfort. Treat your feet to the comfort of our bedside runners in the morning, for a wonderful start to the day!

Shradha Mats are lightweight which makes them easy to lift and store wherever you want. The mats also have a washable feature which makes them easy to clean. The mats are durable and last for a longer time than ordinary mats. Another interesting feature is that the mats are reversible so that you can get two designs in one mat.

So go ahead and grab your Shradha Mat to enjoy these benefits and make your life easier.